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Moorfields Private Blog

    ICL, Laser Sight Correction, Vision Correction, RLE, 09.03.2021

    Vision correction surgery when laser is not the right option - RLE & PIOLs

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    Eye floaters, eye health, 30.04.2020

    What are these floating things in my eye?

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    Contact lenses, Contact lens maintenance, eye health, 08.04.2020

    Five golden rules for safe contact lens use

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    Cataracts, eye health, cataract surgery, blurred vision, 09.10.2019

    When should I have cataract surgery?

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    cosmetic surgery, blepharoplasty, Eyelid lift surgery, 24.09.2019

    What to expect after eyelid surgery

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    eye health, Squints (Strabismus), Watery Eye (Nasolacrimal Duct Obstruction), Lazy Eye (Amblyopia), Children's vision, Family vision, 18.09.2019

    How to protect children’s vision

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    eye health, eye treatment, detached retina, retinal detachment symptoms, 07.08.2019

    What are the symptoms of a detached retina?

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    eye health, Vision, glaucoma, 30.07.2019

    What are the latest treatments for glaucoma?

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    eye lid lift, cosmetic, cosmetic treatment, 18.07.2019

    Things to consider when choosing a cosmetic (oculoplastic) eye surgeon

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    Laser Sight Correction, Vision Correction, LASIK, LASEK, transPRK, Laser vision correction, 12.12.2018

    Can I have laser eye surgery if I’m diabetic?

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