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    Moorfields Private Consultants commitment to Certificate in Laser Refractive Surgery

    Written by Mr Romesh Angunawela, Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon
    • The Certificate of Laser Refractive Surgery
    • Appraisal process
    • Moorfields Private Consultants commitment


    Refractive surgery is the name given to the branch of eye surgery dedicated to the correction of vision. The Certificate of Laser Refractive Surgery (Cert LRS) is a qualification awarded by the Royal College of Ophthalmologists following an examination which tests knowledge of laser and lens implant techniques. This exam will become compulsory for all surgeons entering refractive surgery from August 2018.

    All UK surgeons must go through an annual appraisal process in which their surgical results and practice is reviewed. Beyond this, they must re-qualify for General Medical Council recognition every five years as part of a process called revalidation.

    If surgeons have evidence of an established refractive surgery practice before August 2018, the Cert LRS exam is not compulsory. Having said that, many established refractive surgeons in the UK have chosen to support the exam and to test their knowledge against the Royal College standard.

    At Moorfields Private, even our most experienced consultants have chosen to take the exam, and several Moorfields Private Consultants are even used as examiners. This level of commitment helps us maintain the highest standards of training at every level within the refractive surgery team.

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    Mr Romesh Angunawela

    Written by Mr Romesh Angunawela

    Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon