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    Things to consider when choosing a cosmetic (oculoplastic) eye surgeon

    Written in association with Mr Daniel Ezra
    18 July 2019 | Categories: eye lid lift, cosmetic, cosmetic treatment
    • Moorfields Private’s surgeons are world-leading experts at performing cosmetic eye surgery, as well as treating eye conditions
    • It’s important to take your time and do your research
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    Deciding to have any cosmetic treatment is a big step to take, so it is important that you’re treated at a registered clinic by a qualified and experienced surgeon. Take your time, do your research and ask the surgeon as many questions as you need. This will ensure that you’re choosing the right treatment and surgeon to achieve a result that you feel brilliant about.

    We offer a range of cosmetic treatments including upper and lower eyelid lifts (blepharoplasty) and eye bag removal.

    Benefits of choosing a specialist oculoplastic surgeon

    At Moorfields Private, all of our oculoplastic surgeons are highly specialised. This means that they are experts at performing cosmetic surgery around the eyes, as well as understanding and treating eye conditions. This is important when dealing with the delicate areas surrounding the eye.

    Professional standards

    There are minimum standards and qualifications that every cosmetic eye surgeon in the UK should hold, including registration with the General Medical Council. Your surgeon should ideally have undertaken specialist ophthalmic training and hold accreditation with the Royal College of Ophthalmologists or equivalent.

    Our cosmetic eye surgeons are highly regarded and all of them hold consultant positions at the world-renowned Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. Many of them regularly publish research in prestigious medical journals and are teaching the next generation of surgeons.

     A comfortable environment

    It’s important that you feel comfortable at your first consultation and you don’t feel pressured into making any decisions about your treatment. Being able to talk openly with the surgeon will help build a level of trust that’s crucial to gaining a shared vision of the surgery outcome.

    Questions to ask your surgeon

    Mr Daniel Ezra, consultant oculoplastic surgeon at Moorfields Private, recommends asking these key questions at your consultation:

    • What accreditations do you hold and what are your areas of specialism?
    • How many of these procedures have you carried out before?
    • Are there any extra, hidden, costs that I need to be aware of?


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